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I am a laughing artist who creates work that sustains my family and community with love, laughter, and truth. My mission as an actor is create characters and tells stories that make room for a more liberated world that will eventually transform into our lived reality.  I graduated from UCLA 2020 with a B.A. in African-American Studies and Theater minor. I have previously trained at the Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors (2019), Ivana Chibbuck Studio (2021/22), The National Theater Institute (2022). I currently train at the Acting Conservatory within the Pacific Coast Theater in Santa Maria, California

I am a storyteller because I believe a liberated world is possible. Storytelling is my way of reaching for that world. "I am who I am, doing what I came to do acting upon you like a drug or a chisel to remind you of your me-ness, while I discover you in myself" - Audre Lorde

In 2021, I released my first collection of poems (Blackness is Growing.) The following year I released another collection (Black Girls Are Verbs.) In 2022, while studying at The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center I began writing short plays about my life. Earlier this year, I created "Untitled...", which is a blog that I created to be a unfiltered space for me to explore myself and my writing process. I am excited by my burgeoning career as a writer in many different forms and avenues!

I am currently writing a full length play that is examining early Black girlhood, Colorism, Body Dysmorhphia, and play.


Foot on Yo’ Neck is a podcast devoted to stirring dialogue that fortifies the well-being, livelihood, and imaginations of Black Women, all while talking just a lil bit of shit! We created FYN in 2019 because we were tired of witnessing Black Women being disparaged in media and academia. This podcast is a sonic community that is rooted in the  Black Womanist tradition of alternative world-building. Foot On Yo’ Neck is about applying pressure to all systems of power through expressing our collective truths and manifesting unyielding liberation. As a prooducer and host, I offer FYN my personal brand of playful levity and witty curiousity. 


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I am currently seeking potential collaborators, management, and
acting representation that aligns with my artistic visions and goals.
If you would like to connect, contact me directly via email.

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